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Commercial & Domestic Tree Surgeons

Established in 2001, we are committed to providing a quality tree care service with over thirty years’ forestry and arboricultural experience.

We are the professional choice for tree care in Scarborough, Whitby, Pickering, Malton & Bridlington. Local authority work undertaken.

Tree Care

Tree Care

We offer pruning, shaping, crown lifts and reductions services. A focus on quality workmanship, your trees will add value to your property and maintain the trees for the future. All the work we carry out is to BS3998.

Tree Removal

Tree Removal

Using our proven methods, we have succesfully dismantled trees with multiple hazards at ground level. We have a ‘safety first policy’ and can supply Risk Assesments and Method Statements as required.

Hedge Cutting

Our hedge maintenance service will help with formative pruning on planting, plus periodical trimming to keep hedges within bounds. Pruning times vary depending on the type of hedge.

Tree Preservation Orders

A Tree Preservation Order is an order made by a local planning authority in England to protect specific tree and woodlands. We can assist with this precise and important aspect of tree work.

Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding

Once trees have been felled, it is often necessary to remove the remaining tree stump; this requires specialist machinery and trained staff. We have stump grinding machines to suit any application.

Site Clearance

Site Clearance

Our site clearance service can clear any site from residential gardens to development sites. We can advise on BS5839 Trees in Construction and provide tree surveys.

Trees Are Everywhere

During the spring, you start to notice trees a lot more!

While they’re in place all year round, during the new growing season, trees have fresh leaves, blossom or both, and seem to come back onto our radar after a long winter.

In the Scarborough area, the town is particularly blessed with green spaces and includes the Tree Trail in Peasholm Glen.

There are also trees ‘up high’ too, beneath the Castle walls and overlooking the North and South Bays.

Trees near Scarborough Castle

While there is a grown spurt on with Mother Nature, it’s a great time to study trees either in your garden or if you’re out for a walk.

Lush new leaves will appear from now on; fluffy blossom will also make a show. It is a great time of year to be outdoors and enjoying the fresh air.

Enjoy the spring while you can!

Trees in the Town Centre

If you live in a town centre, chances are you might not have any trees within sight … you might want to think again …

Lots of green spaces in town centres.

However, many town has green spaces dedicated to trees, flowers and shrubs, offering a peaceful haven within the traffic, hustle and bustle.

Trees can be found in many areas of towns.

Also many towns have cemeteries that are studded with trees of all descriptions and type.

A leafy retreat!

As well as these types of tree area, there is usually a park or two which offer a leafy retreat.

So if you’re in an urban setting, look for those trees … there will be some near you!

Trees That Stand Apart

We all have a tree that stands out in our mind.

Ash tree standing alone

Maybe we pass it everyday and notice the changes as the season’s change.

Maybe it’s a tree that symbolises something for us, maybe a long life or a loved one.

Either way, trees can outlive humans by some margin and they should be looked after too.

Keeping an eye on your own trees is always good practice.

This lovely ash trees stands along along a country road between Flixton and Wold Newton.

It shows the changes in the year in its tall, rounded branches.

If we look after our trees, they will help look after our planet.

Bare trees

Bare Trees as Winter Fades into Spring

We’ve had some mild weather recently … following a cold snap earlier in the year.

The trees are still very bare, although if you look closely, there are the buds ready to burst open in spring.

While trees can be identified by their leaves, their shapes can also give us clues.

While some families of trees look similar, the horse chestnut, for example, has a very distinctive shape with or without its five-fingered leaves.

So as you take a late winter walk, have a look at the trees around you.

A tree’s bark, branches and boughs are all different. Other factors include the age of the tree, too, which can alter the outward appearance of a tree.

If spring arrives on time, we’ll soon be enjoying fresh green leaves! Until then, enjoy the bareness!


Another Hidden Treasure in Scarborough

Scarborough has a reasonable number of tree-lined streets and green spaces scattered across the town.

There are a number of hidden parks including this one at St Martin’s Square.

Just off South Cliff and next to the famous church of the same name, this little green haven includes a number of trees a bird feeder, and a timber sculpture.

The town has a number of similar spots including just off Seamer Road, at Sandy Bed and at the top of Plantation Hill.

And there are the more famous green areas including Peasholm Park and the South Cliff Gardens.

The town also have Weaponness and The Valley to add to its natural portfolio.

Scarborough has the best of both worlds, with the seaside and the various open spaces to enjoy.






Same Tree, Different Season

Welcome to 2019!

A new year and another 12 months of tree care.

During 2018, we experienced extreme weather conditions, from severe cold to soaring temperatures.

While we’re not sure what 2019 will bring, there’s one thing that is certain.

Trees will need some TLC as we approach a new decade.

From pruning to crowning, from removing to tidying up, we can help with your tree requirements.

With bare trees, now is a good time to check branches, bark and other part of your trees ahead of the spring.

This tree in the Yorkshire Wolds shows it winter shape beautifully.

In a few month’s time, it will be covered in new leaves!

Contact us for help with your tree needs.




Churchyard With Timber Treasures

Many of our churchyards have a remarkable collection of trees and shrubs which add to the peaceful landscape.

St Martin’s in Seamer, near Scarborough, is one of them.

Just off the village’s main street, St Martin’s sits atop a small hill with a collection of trees throughout its surroundings.

The churchyard is also adjacent the site of the old manor house, part of which still stands in the field behind the church.

There are also some impressive gravestones, including a stone angel.




Forge Valley Woodlands

So just outside Scarborough you’ll find Forge Valley Woodlands.

They’re located in the North York Moor National Park and have a flat two-mile boarded footpath through the hear of them.

Discover them between East Ayton and Hackness.

Lovely to walk through at any time of year, too!

The woodlands over just over 64 hectares and are a Natural England Wood, cared for by the Woodland Trust.

Find out more here!



So what is coppicing?

It’s a traditional method of managing woodland. Trees are cut down to encourage new growth from the resulting stump.

If a wood has been coppiced, then it’s usually referred to as a copse.

Did you know that coppiced hardwoods are still used in traditional furniture making.

it is thought that a tree which is regularly coppiced will never die of old age.

The resulting cut branches can be used for firewood.

Coppicing is a skill that needs a trained person to do it.



Scarborough’s Marine Drive

Many of us will have walked along it between Scarborough’s North and South Bays – the Marine Drive.

This incredible feat of civil engineering took 10 years to construct, from 1897 to 1907, and it opened for traffic in April 1908.

It stretches 2.5 miles from Aquarium Top (beneath the Spa Footbridge) in the South Bay to Peasholm Park in the North Bay. There was a toll to use the drive until 1951.

Royal Albert Drive, the steep road that links the Drive to the cliff top and Queens Parade, opened in 1890, whileForeshore Road on the South Bay was built and opened in 1879.

The Marine Drive is another one of Scarborough’s fascinating landmarks.

A commonly asked question is…

“How can I find a trusted Tree Surgeon?”

If you have a tree that requires attention and wish to engage a tree surgeon, we would advise asking friends and family to see if anyone has had any work carried out  recently and enquire if the work was satisfactory. 

Much of our work is from repeat clients and through customer recommendation.

However, other points to note are: 

  • A large advert does not mean a better service.
  • Request and compare local companies for relative quotes.
  • Ensure your tree surgeon has full Public Liability Insurance.
  • Ask to see previous work. A good tree surgeon will be happy to provide details. Remember the contractor will only be on your property for a short time; you will need to check your trees every day.
  • Simon Hill Tree Surgeon – The Professional Choice.

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