So we’re well into May!

May is one of the finest months of the year for tree ‘viewing’.

Fresh leaves … plenty of great colour … and lots of different shades of green to be seen!

From waterside parks to thick green forests, there is lush tree growth everywhere.

Peasholm Park, Forge Valley or Dalby Forest … it’s a pleasure to walk about and admire our botanical neighbours.

Large or small, there is a variety of different species to see.

Of course, it’s not just green that can be seen … there are plenty of other shades include the deep red of a copper beach, of which there are a few in Scarborough.

Or how about the peaceful tree walks that are a-plenty in the Scarborough area? The Glen near Peasholm is just alive with leaning branches and fresh growth.

Enjoy this fabulous month and the fabulous shades of green!