If you are heading out and about in Scarborough (between the rain showers!) then you’ll be pleased to know you can enjoy some tree-mendous tree spotting while out for a walk!

Peasholm Park’s Treasure Trove of Trees, which also takes you along Peasholm Glen, is a great place to enjoy some fantastic examples of rare specimens and the late spring and early summer allows you to identify trees more easily as they are in full leaf.

Treasure Trove of Trees in Peasholm Park

It is over 100 years since Peasholm Park first opened for everyone to enjoy. The rare trees which have been planted over the decades form the tree trail and there is an information board in the park to help you become a tree expert. Now is a great time of year to put our tree detective skills to the test as their leaves are now in summer ‘mode’ and are easily identifiable.

Manor Road Cemetery

At the top end of the Tree Trail you’ll discover Manor Road Cemetery which is a tree lover’s dream with immense beech, oak and horse chestnuts forming cool, green avenues amid the peaceful gravestones.

Stone cross inspired by nature

As well as the natural phenomenon of the trees which grow successfully, nature has clearly inspired stonemasons to produce some beautiful stonework.