So we are living in unprecedented times … we’ve heard that phrase many times recently, however it is true.

Trees remain constant

We take our trees for granted and now we can admire them from afar … maybe from our lounge window or in the distance.

Trees in springtime

The fact it, our wonderful tree population will be there for us when the COVID-19 Crisis hopefully recedes. Spring is here and with us we’ll see fresh green leaves aplenty.

Trees adapt and survive

We now have to be patient … a tree takes many years to grow and flourish … and they will stand the test of time. We look forward to the times when we can get ‘up close and personal’ to our trees once again.

Sunshine on branches

Keep watching those trees … for your mental wellbeing … to remind yourself that nature is constantly growing and nurturing … to feel their calm influence. Admire them from afar …