An avenue of trees in a peaceful place

So we had a very, very wet start to the year with relentless rainfall.

This was followed by the sunniest May on record.

And now we’re in ‘flaming June’, the skies are grey, the winds are cool and the rain is falling again.

Our weather has certainly been changeable and unpredictable.

Evening sunlight on trees in full leaf

Overall we would like to think that nature evens things out … we get sufficient rainfall and sunshine in the scheme of things.

Our trees are also at the behest of nature. All trees need moisture and lots of it! They also need sunlight and also winds can be helpful in getting rid of old leaves in the late autumn.

During this tricky year, one aspect has remained constant and that is our tree population. Rarely has there been a year when we’ve noticed our trees as much; heard the birdsong and noticed the weather each day.

Trees of distinction

Our trees just carry on as normal, fitting in with the cycle of the seasons, unfurling their leaves, displaying them and then discarding them after the summer.

Let us help you look after your trees, as we can do so safely and efficiently, even in these difficult times.