The bark of an Ash Tree

There’s an unmistakable hint of the end of summer in the air!

While we’ve had some amazing weather, we’ve also had some hit and miss days and now as the leaves taken on the darker shades of late summer, we start to think of autumn …

Twigs and branches

While the golden mists of autumn seem a long way off, our trees are already preparing for the change of season.

The leaves become drier in texture and gradually start to fall … in very small numbers at first, though.

Trees fruit starts to get plumper as it ripens up ready for autumn. Apples, acorns, horse chestnuts, beach nuts and many others come to mind.

Changing seasons

Life is a constantly turning wheel and our trees are very good at keeping up with the gradual rotation!

Before the autumn gales and winter rains, we can help you keep check of your trees and their overall health.

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