Changing hues

With a myriad of amazing colours and shades, autumn has well and truly arrived!

As new season gets settled in, our weather becomes less settled with colder temperatures, stronger winds, more rainfall and of course those dark mornings and afternoons.

Peasholm Glen

The sun drops lower and lower in the sky and the solstice approaches.

It is a time to check the health and well-being of your trees, whether you have one or many. The orchards of our land will be giving up their fruit and leaves will drop steadily to the ground, often revealing problems that will only get worse as winter approaches.

Trees of all shapes and sizes

If we have a stormy winter, then branches and boughs will fall and potentially cause damage to the ground, other trees and even property.

So while we still have daylight in the afternoon, and the temperatures are above freezing, give Simon Hill Tree Surgeons a call today.

Stormy weather …