Sunrise amid the trees

With 2020 behind us, we face a brand new year, another 12-months in an uncertain world.

However, the sun will continue to rise; the trees will continue to grow; the seasons will continue to change.

Scarborough Castle walls

Already the spring buds will be there at the tip of the branches. These will gradually grow, expand and unfurl as the days get lighter.

January, February and March can be the coldest months of the year. We’ve already had a cold snap.

Trees are prepared for this yet it is also the time of year to keep checking your trees and also their roots.

Stonework and wood work

Roots can also pose a potential problem below ground. Give us a call if you feel there’s a hitch.

Of course, we also want to wish everyone a safe 2021. Our role as tree surgeons is to keep everyone’s trees as healthy as possible, and to keep those who are lucky enough to have trees either in their gardens or at their place of work as safe we can.