Snow on the ground …

We are at that time of year when the weather changes very quickly. From sub-zero temperatures to warm sunshine, anything is possible.

As we move from winter into spring, our trees are beginning to show visible signs of life.

Tree pollen has been high, particularly in the sunshine, and this year’s new leaves are developing.

Barking up the wrong tree …

The late winter has brought us torrential rain, plunging temperatures, snow, wind and sunshine.

Take a walk around any of our local beauty spots and you can see amazing textures and patterns on our older trees.

While many trees are still bare, the ground is a carpet of snowdrop, daffodils or crocuses, providing lots of natural colour.

Misty sunshine …

The outlines of our trees are still visible for a few more weeks until the appearance of fresh green leaves in the spring.

The main thing is to enjoy our trees as we enjoy our outdoor exercise. They are the lungs of our earth.