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Winter Trees

Winter is here.

The trees are bare.

The trees in our area are now bereft of leaves and are sleeping, ready for spring.

The outlines of trees can help us identify them. Each species has its own shape.

An avenue of tress in Scarborough

And while we look forward to spring and the fresh green flowers and blossoms, winter has its own attractions.

Every twig and branch is visible.

Walk around your own streets and towns and spot the many different varieties in your area.

Chilly Days …

As the shortest day approaches, the sunshine grows cold and distant and our trees seem to be having a rest.

Trees in a churchyard

Autumn has passed its colourful peak and most of the leaves are now on the ground.

The colder weather is here and with it a dormant time of year.

Holding on

The evergreens will hold onto their glossy leaves and there’ll be bright holly berries to see.

Nature seems to shut down and is waiting for spring.

If you have trees in your garden, then it’s time to keep an eye on them ready for the next growing season.

Winter’s Coming

Trees are changing colour or even becoming totally bereft of leaves … winter is coming!

The shortest day is approaching and with it the colder months of the year.

Leaves changing colour

Have you now had chance to look any trees in your garden or at your place of business?

It is a very good time of year to check those branches and the bark of your tree or trees.

We can help if you have any issues.

Rain, rain, rain …

There’s no doubt about it … the rain keeps falling!

We do have a sunny day from time to time.

However, we are now at the time of year when the days are short and the nights are long.

Autumn gradually turns into winter …

Leaves are falling from the twigs, wearing all manner of autumnal colours.

The leaves fall to the ground and eventually melt into the soil.

Then the wintry shapes of the trees are revealed!

Trees need water and sometimes grow close to it …

The shortest day isn’t too far off and that means one thing … spring is on it’s way!

In the meantime, it’s a great time of year to enjoy our trees as they take a nap during the darkest days of the year.

Changing Colours

The time of year when the trees change colour and the leaves start to fall.

We’ve had some very wet weather and the ground is still quite damp. The trees are gradually shedding their summer coats and starting to put on their autumn ones.

Shades of Autumn

This is probably the best time of year for tree fans as the leaves fall to the ground and they can be identified more easily.

This is also the time of year to check your branches to see if anything needs attention before the winter gales.

We never know what winter might have in store for us so it’s best to check your trees before the clocks go back.

Reflecting on Trees

With Yorkshire having a varied landscape, including beaches, forests, moors and lakes, there is also a huge variety of trees to suit each location.

Trees near North Bay, Scarborough

The Yorkshire Coast has a variety of public parks and spaces in which the trees are one of the main attractions.

Take the Open Air Theatre, for example.

This venue is host to superstars of the music industry in the summer. During the rest of the year, while events are held there, the trees seem to come into their own.

They surround the boating lake and offer a haven for wildlife, flora and fauna.

The area is also great for gathering ones’ thought and chilling out for a few moments.

Trees Near the Sea

These trees are seconds from the seaside

Our countryside is one of many contrasts and perhaps one of the most surprising ones is when trees grow just seconds from sandy beaches!

The image above is taken in Scarborough Old Town and just beyond the end of the cobbles lies the town’s historic harbour.

The salty air, the cool winds and the dusty sand would might be seen to put off the very thoughts of planting a tree.

However, these little group of trees are doing fine and have the shelter of surrounding buildings along with a sun trap to help them grow.

Just behind these trees is a set of step and a downward slope to the sea so there will also be a steady flow of water when the heavens open.

So why not keep a look out for similar little hidden treasures. There’ll be others near you!

A change of season

Still some greenery on the trees

So the summer is behind us and the autumn is here.

Colder nights, darker evening and the leaves change colour.

Yet some of trees in public spaces are keeping their green ‘coat’ for a little bit longer!

Here on the Yorkshire Coast, there are a number of lovely green areas with superb trees that are just starting to show the signs of autumn.

However, let’s enjoy the green leaves and lush grass while we can!

Twisted Trees

Each tree is unique, a bit us Human Beings!

No two trees are the same.

And then each species is also different from the next. Bark, branches, twigs, leaves and roots have different textures and shapes.

Twisted tree in Peasholm Glen

Some are tall, some are small and some are twisted out of shape.

As tree surgeons, we are aware that each tree is different, even if they are of the same species.

Tree along the Cinder Track

Trees can also live for a very long time and even form focal points of a walk or park.

How many times as a kids did you have a favourite horse chestnut or oak?

Keep your eyes open next time you’re out on a walk … and choose your favourite tree!

A summer with a difference

Few of us can question the strange summer we’ve had in 2019!

Sweltering temperatures, monsoon-like downpours, strong winds … what a difference to 2018’s sunny conditions.

With the trees in full leaf at the moment, any rain and wind combination can mean cause damage, including falling branches.

Summer skies and branches in full leaf

The dark summer shades on the leaves will soon be turning into autumnal shades heralding the change of season.

It’s then time to think about how to prepare your trees for winter.

Trees need year round care

We can help with your tree requirements so why not contact us before we get busy for the autumn?

News and Updates

A commonly asked question is…

“How can I find a trusted Tree Surgeon?”

If you have a tree that requires attention and wish to engage a tree surgeon, we would advise asking friends and family to see if anyone has had any work carried out  recently and enquire if the work was satisfactory. 

Much of our work is from repeat clients and through customer recommendation.

However, other points to note are: 

  • A large advert does not mean a better service.
  • Request and compare local companies for relative quotes.
  • Ensure your tree surgeon has full Public Liability Insurance.
  • Ask to see previous work. A good tree surgeon will be happy to provide details.

Remember the contractor will only be on your property for a short time; you will need to check your trees every day.

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