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Leaves of brown …

Changing hues

With a myriad of amazing colours and shades, autumn has well and truly arrived!

As new season gets settled in, our weather becomes less settled with colder temperatures, stronger winds, more rainfall and of course those dark mornings and afternoons.

Peasholm Glen

The sun drops lower and lower in the sky and the solstice approaches.

It is a time to check the health and well-being of your trees, whether you have one or many. The orchards of our land will be giving up their fruit and leaves will drop steadily to the ground, often revealing problems that will only get worse as winter approaches.

Trees of all shapes and sizes

If we have a stormy winter, then branches and boughs will fall and potentially cause damage to the ground, other trees and even property.

So while we still have daylight in the afternoon, and the temperatures are above freezing, give Simon Hill Tree Surgeons a call today.

Stormy weather …

Changing Colours

Still green … for now

The trees are gradually changing colour and losing their summer greens for autumn tints.

As the leaves change colour, they gradually fall and our trees become bare ready for winter.

As the autumn progresses and if you look closer, you will see the buds ready for next spring.

Water and trees

There are many examples of evergreen trees, though, which hold onto their glossy dark green leaves throughout the year.

If you are looking at your trees and thinking they might need a bit of attention, then get in touch before the winter storms arrive.

We’d be glad to help keep your trees in good order.

Trees in urban locations

Trees in Scarborough

This avenue of trees is located on Scarborough’s South Cliff.

They form part of a private garden but can clearly be seen from the nearby footpath.

Exotic looking trees

Scarborough has a number of exotic varieties in Peasholm Park and also close to the South Bay.

Shadows caused by trees

The sun is dropping lower in the sky and create some amazing shadows. This above was taken in Woodlands Ravine. One of Scarborough’s busiest roads runs alongside these amazing woods.

Leaning trees

Other trees are closer to the seafront and lean backwards, probably due the prevailing winds pushing them over. The famous South Cliff is above this with its many hotels and guest houses.

Lonely trees

Other trees, like this one near Flixton village, is on its own.

Trees in our area can be found in just about any location.

Stormy weather …

High water in Forge Valley

The recent summer storms have left certain areas of Scarborough with high levels of water and tree damage.

Forge Valley, with its deep ravine and tree-clad inclines, showed signs of damage following Storm Francis.

Felled trees

The storm which included torrential rain and high winds, took its toll on trees that are still in full leaf.

The saturated ground also meant some trees simply didn’t have the root hold and they fell across pathways.

Trees in the water

Forge Valley is an area that is looked after by relevant organisations so debris will be removed. However these photos show the power of nature and how the weather can be one of the most powerful natural forces on earth.

Trees in Public Places

Trees and sunlight

In Yorkshire there are many places that features trees in public places. Forestry Commission areas; public parks; public footpaths.

Tall trees

Peasholm Park in Scarborough features its own Tree Trail and a selection of very rare trees, all with different barks, sizes and leaves.

Sunshine through the trees

These trees were planted many decades ago and were placed with space between them to allow for good growth.

If you have trees in your garden or dotted about any land that you own, then it is time to check them ahead of the autumn gales and winter storms.

A pathway through …

Our trees are a crucial part of our survival so let Simon Hill Tree Surgeon look after yours.

Hot weather, wet weather

It is cooler under the trees!

So the summer heat has returned with heavy rain also in the forecast!

Our trees always need both kinds of weather to remain healthy.

This year has been a difficult growing season for our farmers. Last year’s very wet autumn, followed by drought conditions in the springtime has affected the yields of some crops and also affects how well our trees grow.

As we know, when a tree is felled, we can see the rings within its trunk which tell us how old it is and also can give clues to the weather condition during each year.

Our trees are also the lungs of our planet, so we need to keep them healthy and strong for as long as possible.

If you have trees in your garden or on your land that could do with some help, give us a call.

Autumn approaches

The bark of an Ash Tree

There’s an unmistakable hint of the end of summer in the air!

While we’ve had some amazing weather, we’ve also had some hit and miss days and now as the leaves taken on the darker shades of late summer, we start to think of autumn …

Twigs and branches

While the golden mists of autumn seem a long way off, our trees are already preparing for the change of season.

The leaves become drier in texture and gradually start to fall … in very small numbers at first, though.

Trees fruit starts to get plumper as it ripens up ready for autumn. Apples, acorns, horse chestnuts, beach nuts and many others come to mind.

Changing seasons

Life is a constantly turning wheel and our trees are very good at keeping up with the gradual rotation!

Before the autumn gales and winter rains, we can help you keep check of your trees and their overall health.

Give us a call today to find out more!

Trees in full leaf

Summer’s here and trees are in full leaf

The height of summer is here … and with it, the dark green leaves of July and August.

Trees are now in full leaf and very soon they will start to prepare for autumn.

Trees in the fields

We’ve had a mixed bag this summer in terms of weather. Hot sunshine, heavy showers and some strong winds.

Our trees are a constant reminder of mother nature as they mark the changing seasons with their leaf colour.

Sometimes trees need to be cut down

While our planet depends on our trees (they are often referred to as the lungs of the earth), sometimes they need to be pruned, cut back or removed completely.

We can help with all tree enquiries. Please get in touch today!

Summer …


The summer is now here, the longest day is passed and the sun is high in the sky!

We’ve had some rain that will help feed the roots of trees but we are getting short of water.

Ash tree

The blue skies are welcome, of course, however the lack of rain is something for us to keep an eye on.

Our trees are now in full leaf and need the H2O at this time of year.

So before we use a quantity of water, it’s maybe a good time to re-think and save water where possible.


As well as our lovely trees, our crops are also needing watering … our countryside is at it’s summer best right now.

And don’t forget if your tree needs attention, get in touch with us.

Changeable Weather

An avenue of trees in a peaceful place

So we had a very, very wet start to the year with relentless rainfall.

This was followed by the sunniest May on record.

And now we’re in ‘flaming June’, the skies are grey, the winds are cool and the rain is falling again.

Our weather has certainly been changeable and unpredictable.

Evening sunlight on trees in full leaf

Overall we would like to think that nature evens things out … we get sufficient rainfall and sunshine in the scheme of things.

Our trees are also at the behest of nature. All trees need moisture and lots of it! They also need sunlight and also winds can be helpful in getting rid of old leaves in the late autumn.

During this tricky year, one aspect has remained constant and that is our tree population. Rarely has there been a year when we’ve noticed our trees as much; heard the birdsong and noticed the weather each day.

Trees of distinction

Our trees just carry on as normal, fitting in with the cycle of the seasons, unfurling their leaves, displaying them and then discarding them after the summer.

Let us help you look after your trees, as we can do so safely and efficiently, even in these difficult times.

News and Updates

A commonly asked question is…

“How can I find a trusted Tree Surgeon?”

If you have a tree that requires attention and wish to engage a tree surgeon, we would advise asking friends and family to see if anyone has had any work carried out  recently and enquire if the work was satisfactory. 

Much of our work is from repeat clients and through customer recommendation.

However, other points to note are: 

  • A large advert does not mean a better service.
  • Request and compare local companies for relative quotes.
  • Ensure your tree surgeon has full Public Liability Insurance.
  • Ask to see previous work. A good tree surgeon will be happy to provide details.

Remember the contractor will only be on your property for a short time; you will need to check your trees every day.

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