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A Trip to the Forest


Our location includes number of forests including private estates and the Great Yorkshire Forest.

Tree thinning is one of the jobs that needs doing, as well as making sure growing trees are healthy.

Twigs and Branches

Any twigs, branches or logs that happen to be lying around can be put to use by forest visitors!


Also parts of tree trunks can make a natural seat so you can admire the views.

Forests help keep our natural environment healthy.

Welcome to 2021

Sunrise amid the trees

With 2020 behind us, we face a brand new year, another 12-months in an uncertain world.

However, the sun will continue to rise; the trees will continue to grow; the seasons will continue to change.

Scarborough Castle walls

Already the spring buds will be there at the tip of the branches. These will gradually grow, expand and unfurl as the days get lighter.

January, February and March can be the coldest months of the year. We’ve already had a cold snap.

Trees are prepared for this yet it is also the time of year to keep checking your trees and also their roots.

Stonework and wood work

Roots can also pose a potential problem below ground. Give us a call if you feel there’s a hitch.

Of course, we also want to wish everyone a safe 2021. Our role as tree surgeons is to keep everyone’s trees as healthy as possible, and to keep those who are lucky enough to have trees either in their gardens or at their place of work as safe we can.

A Trip to the Forest

In the heart of the forest

We are lucky that Yorkshire has some amazing forest areas forming part of our natural landscape.

Some forests are within locally-owned estates although they are still open to the public to visit.

Foggy day, bare trees

These forests can have a variety of tree species in their midst. From evergreens to deciduous types, these forests are not only important for our planet, they are also important for the wildlife, flora and fauna.

Misty paths

Forests have been here since time began and we know from fossil remains and precious materials such a jet that different species of trees have be present in our region in the long, distant past.

Fern and leaves

As winter progresses, and if you get chance, why not find your way to a nearby forest and enjoy the winter shapes and landscapes?

Branches Are Bare

Bare trees
Bare branches in Scarborough

Autumn is fast fading into winter and over the last two weeks, most of the leaves have fallen from the branches onto the ground.

Wintery sun

The sun is dropping lower and lower in the sky and with reduced warmth, nature is sleeping.

Grey skies and bare branches

This is part of the yearly cycle of seasons and weather patterns. Having bare branches means you can check to see if there are any problems you need to ‘nip in the bud’.

Bare branches

Give us call today before the really bad weather sets in!

Peaceful forests

Forest roads

Even though we are close to the coast, the Scarborough area has stunning forests which are managed by the Forestry Commission.

During the mid to late autumn, these forests become even more peaceful as some trees drop their leaves while other keep their evergreen colours.

Low sunlight

Forests become even quieter as nature heads towards winter and animals start to hibernate.

Mists gather in open spaces and gloss the grasses and spider’s webs with moisture.

Spiders webs

Nature is going to sleep until the spring.

Yet it’s always worth looking upwards too at this time of year. As the tall trees of the forest reach overhead, you can see blue skies between the top branches.

Look up!

Our trees are the lungs of our planet and we can also enjoy them and admire them from down on the ground.

Taking time to check your trees

So we are well into autumn, winter is on the horizon and this means wet weather, windy conditions and difficult ground conditions.

From saturated soils to slippery leaves, the transition into winter brings its own challenges.

As the leaves fall, it does give you chance to check the condition of trunks, bark and branches.

Checking the health of your trees can be difficult at other times of year.

Of course, if your tree is an evergreen, then it will hold onto its leaves throughout the winter.

So if you notice something different, or maybe a branch that doesn’t look safe, get the experts to sort it safely.

Leaves of brown …

Changing hues

With a myriad of amazing colours and shades, autumn has well and truly arrived!

As new season gets settled in, our weather becomes less settled with colder temperatures, stronger winds, more rainfall and of course those dark mornings and afternoons.

Peasholm Glen

The sun drops lower and lower in the sky and the solstice approaches.

It is a time to check the health and well-being of your trees, whether you have one or many. The orchards of our land will be giving up their fruit and leaves will drop steadily to the ground, often revealing problems that will only get worse as winter approaches.

Trees of all shapes and sizes

If we have a stormy winter, then branches and boughs will fall and potentially cause damage to the ground, other trees and even property.

So while we still have daylight in the afternoon, and the temperatures are above freezing, give Simon Hill Tree Surgeons a call today.

Stormy weather …

Trees in urban locations

Trees in Scarborough

This avenue of trees is located on Scarborough’s South Cliff.

They form part of a private garden but can clearly be seen from the nearby footpath.

Exotic looking trees

Scarborough has a number of exotic varieties in Peasholm Park and also close to the South Bay.

Shadows caused by trees

The sun is dropping lower in the sky and create some amazing shadows. This above was taken in Woodlands Ravine. One of Scarborough’s busiest roads runs alongside these amazing woods.

Leaning trees

Other trees are closer to the seafront and lean backwards, probably due the prevailing winds pushing them over. The famous South Cliff is above this with its many hotels and guest houses.

Lonely trees

Other trees, like this one near Flixton village, is on its own.

Trees in our area can be found in just about any location.

Stormy weather …

High water in Forge Valley

The recent summer storms have left certain areas of Scarborough with high levels of water and tree damage.

Forge Valley, with its deep ravine and tree-clad inclines, showed signs of damage following Storm Francis.

Felled trees

The storm which included torrential rain and high winds, took its toll on trees that are still in full leaf.

The saturated ground also meant some trees simply didn’t have the root hold and they fell across pathways.

Trees in the water

Forge Valley is an area that is looked after by relevant organisations so debris will be removed. However these photos show the power of nature and how the weather can be one of the most powerful natural forces on earth.

Trees in Public Places

Trees and sunlight

In Yorkshire there are many places that features trees in public places. Forestry Commission areas; public parks; public footpaths.

Tall trees

Peasholm Park in Scarborough features its own Tree Trail and a selection of very rare trees, all with different barks, sizes and leaves.

Sunshine through the trees

These trees were planted many decades ago and were placed with space between them to allow for good growth.

If you have trees in your garden or dotted about any land that you own, then it is time to check them ahead of the autumn gales and winter storms.

A pathway through …

Our trees are a crucial part of our survival so let Simon Hill Tree Surgeon look after yours.

News and Updates

A commonly asked question is…

“How can I find a trusted Tree Surgeon?”

If you have a tree that requires attention and wish to engage a tree surgeon, we would advise asking friends and family to see if anyone has had any work carried out  recently and enquire if the work was satisfactory. 

Much of our work is from repeat clients and through customer recommendation.

However, other points to note are: 

  • A large advert does not mean a better service.
  • Request and compare local companies for relative quotes.
  • Ensure your tree surgeon has full Public Liability Insurance.
  • Ask to see previous work. A good tree surgeon will be happy to provide details.

Remember the contractor will only be on your property for a short time; you will need to check your trees every day.

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